Saturday, July 5, 2008

Today at Everyday Fiction

A piece of my short fiction, The Mixture, was published today in Everyday Fiction, an on-line magazine.

EDF, as it is called, is ready to celebrate it's first anniversary, something of a milestone for on-line publications. It publishes flash fiction, complete stories under one thousand words long, and will deliver one to your electronic in-basket, as the names states, every day. I love the place.

A complete story, by the way, presents all the necessary elements of fiction -- characterization, setting, conflict and resolution; not an easy chore in so few words. It's like sticking a moving dismount from a balance beam; difficult to pull off but a thing of beauty when done right.

EDF offers a mixed bag of stories. The link below will take you there; give it a look. It won't take long and there's a spot to leave comments or give each story a rating up to five stars.

I hope you like The Mixture. If not, I offer my apologies and the promise that there will be another story along tomorrow to takes its place.

The Mixture at EverydDay Fiction