Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I can't afford to pay you, but ...

Craigslist is a network of online communities that feature all sorts of free classified advertisements. From time to time, I flick through the Seattle/Tacoma “gigs” listings; it is amazing what some people will ask other people to do, without any sort of compensation.

Here are a few listings from the past week:

SEEKING MODEL WITH SNAKE: I need the snake for a product shoot. I am willing to do pictures of a model with their snake in exchange for letting me do the product shot with it. I can set up make up and all that, just show up with the snake and we can talk wardrobe beforehand.

AUDITIONS FOR: Actors and Actresses for Ernie the Elf Lord film.

LOOKING FOR FIGURE MODELS: For studio photo shoots. I need Seattle's thinnest female models or those wanting to begin modeling. The emphasis is on thin or even beyond thin.

WANTED: TV JUNKIE: Pick a show from Column A and a Show from Column B, then watch season one of each show and write spoiler-free "Quick Reviews" after the pilot, after four-six episodes, and after the season finale of each show.

This one offers compensation, but it caught my attention.

SEEKING TATTOO ARTIST WITH HEBREW EXPERIENCE: First time getting a tattoo, finally found something that I want on my skin for the rest of my life. Nothing fancy, clever or revolutionary, just some Hebrew classical block text. Added bonus if you can help me translate it from English into Hebrew.

I almost responded, just to find out if the translation is required before or after the tattoo is complete.