Friday, September 5, 2008

A moving line: about writing

I got put down, in a back-hand, over-the-shoulder sort of way, in the EDF daily comments the other day because I said I wasn't always sure where the story was in a piece of literary fiction.

The words that were used were "insular" and "two-dimensional reading."

I didn't bother to respond because there already was a donnybrook going on over what the author meant to say. I didn't bother to say that I appreciated the way the author used the language, and the complex play of emotions she presented. I just didn't see a story there.

Maybe that's why I like genre writing so much. If you don't have a beginning, middle and end, if you don't show some sort of character development or deliver a punch at the end, it is really obvious that you blew it.

That's my ten cents.

Oh, and one of my poems, Murphy's Flaw, was accepted by Every Day Poets, sister publication to Every Day Fiction. But the poem rhymes; so I guess I am beyond hope.