Thursday, June 25, 2009

Overheard on the bus

The woman didn't look too out-of-the-ordinary when she climbed onto the King County Metro Transit bus at a stop in downtown Seattle. Middle height. Middle weight. Middle years.

Not at all stark, raving bonkers.

She was cradling something in her arms; a bit of gray fur jutted above her elbow.

"Is that a dead squirrel?" the driver asked.

"It was," the woman said. "But I brought it back to life."

Everyone on board was watching and listening now.

"Uh huh," the driver said. "You know, you can't bring a dead animal onto the bus."

"But I brought it back to life!"

The woman stepped toward the driver, offering proof of the miracle. The squirrel never moved and the driver held her ground; it was enough to make you wonder what else she had seen, operating public transit.

"You can't bring it on board."

The woman took a step back, but before she turned and stomped down the steps, she held the squirrel out for all to see and laid a curse upon the bus, explaining in detail the fiendish nature of all on board and stating her wishes for the vehicle's ultimate destination, once she had made her exit.

The live entertainment is the reason I keep riding the bus.