Monday, September 1, 2008

My first hat trick

Another piece of my short fiction, I must to the Barber's Chair, was published today at Everyday Fiction. It is the third in as many months, sort of a literary hat trick.

My stories tend to be heavy on satire or mayhem, so I am particularly pleased that the folks at EDF decided to publish Barber's Chair. It is a love story, with a fantasy twist, and it is light and upbeat. In fact, this is so out of character for me, that when Rachael read it, she deadpanned, "What? Nobody died?"

BTW: the neon signs that start Cora on her journey are real; although in the real world, and upon examination in the light of day, it can be seen that they belong to two different side-by-side shops. Too bad; the world could use more barbers like Gideon.

Anyway, the link below will take you to EDF. There's a spot to leave comments, too, or to give the story a rating up to five stars.

I hope you like I Must to the Barber's Chair. If not, I offer my apologies and the promise that there will be another story along tomorrow to takes its place.

I Must to the Barber's Chair at EverydDay Fiction