Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October at Every Day Fiction

Lots of good stuff coming in October over at Every Day Fiction.

Gallery Four, by Dave MacPherson, is set for October 4th. It's a sobering story we critiqued in the EDF Writers' Group. Kevin Shamel continues his run of great stories October 8th with Outlast the Stars. In addition to being a great writer, Kevin sells shamelessly funny tee-shirts at Shameless Humor.

My take on a time-travel tale, In His Prime, will appear October 16th. Alex Burns, who holds forth at Meanwhile..., will serve up Apotheosis Cake on October 20th.

My friend, Erin, who speaks so eloquently about the writer's life at Living the Fictional Dream, shows us A Million Faces on October 25th. And Sylvia Wrigley's pre-Halloween chiller, Darren Is Updating His Facebook Status, will be ready to read October 28th. This is another story that worked its way through the critiquing process at EDF Writers' Group; it creeps me out.

You can check out the entire month's lineup at the October TOC and then read the stories, every day, at Every Day Fiction.