Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Best of Every Day Fiction - Year One

I just got the news that Hair of the Dog was selected as one of the top one hundred stories to appear in Every Day Fiction during its first year of operation.

The anniversary was September first. A print anthology of the stories is in the works and should be available by Christmas.

Some of my favorite EDF authors have stories in the collection, too.

There's Remember from Erin M. Kinch and Aftershocks from Alex Burns. Bill Ward has two stories included; Junkyard Rats in my favorite.

And then we get to the heavy hitters.

There are three tales from Dave MacPherson, a member of the Every Day Fiction Writers' Group; my favorite is Forbidden Planet. Gay Degani also has three stories and hand's down my favorite is Spring Melt.

Kevin Shamel, Sarah Hilary and Oonah V. Joslin (who is so prolific she makes Issac Asimov look a slacker) each are represented in the collection by four stories. And they are all so good, it's impossible to pick just one as favorite.

I don't know how Jordan and Camille did it. Kevin had eight stories appear over the twelve months; if I had been selecting stories for the collection, I would have included all eight.

Anyway, I'll post when the book is available. Watch for it, buy it, enjoy it!